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Consignors Guidelines

Sale coordinators:


Sale Contact -

Sale Co-Chairs

Jill Lennon, Bethany Mitchell & Lindsey Pagozalski

Sale Supervisor

Brandi Deese

Sale Treasurer

Audra Broadbent

Security Coordinator

April Wilder

Consignment Sale Consignor Info!


Location: Army National Guard Armory 1225 Easterwood Dr., Tallahassee, FL, 32311 (in front of the entrance to Tom Brown Park


Drop off Dates/Times: Sign-up for drop-off online.

Friday, April 12th  9:30am - 3:30pm


Private PreSale: TMoMs Members & Consignors Only

Friday, April 12th  4:30pm - 6:30pm  

Sale Date/Times: General Public sale is

Saturday, April 13th 

Public Sale 8am-11:45am.

Half price sale is from 12:30pm-2:30 pm




Online Consignment System:

The online system will allow sellers to print tags, manage inventory, sign-up for drop-off slots, and sign-up for volunteer shifts. It will allow you to track items sold and estimate what your total revenue will be. Items tagged at our previous sales can be rolled over to the this sale!.

Additionally our system will allow cold scanning, meaning that if you sell at another consignment sale (such as the One Week Boutique), you do not need to re-tag your items. Simply email us at and we can send you the instruction on how to upload your already tagged items. 


Profit %:

Sellers will receive 70% to 75% of their sales (depending on the number of hours worked, you must work 6 or more volunteer hours to get 75%) and the remainder will go to TMOMs. All checks will be mailed within 3 weeks of the sale.



All merchandise must be entered using the consignment software. All items must be entered into the system and tagged. Please print tags on 20 weight or higher cardstock paper. The tags will print 12 to a page and need to be attached to each item (When facing the garment it will be to your right. See examples at right). Tagging guns are allowed if using a fine needle (available on Amazon). Again, every item MUST have a tag and be entered into the system. Sort socks, small shoes, onesies, and other items in Ziploc bags and tape the tag onto the bag. Please check the x when entering items if you do NOT want them to be reduced to 50% and please check the D box if you want items donated at the end of the sale.









Price items on the dollar or half dollar for ease of calculating during the half price sale. Each seller is responsible for pricing their items, but here are some thoughts: For clothing in good condition, approximately 25% of cost or less; for new or once-worn items, 33% to 50% of the cost; for items that are worn, less than 25% of the initial cost. Ask yourself, “Would I pay this price and feel it was fair?” If you wish to mark down the price of an item after the sale has begun, you must replace your tag with a new tag. Do not bring items that have been recalled for safety issues, unless the safety issue has been resolved and paperwork is included. TMOMs will not be held responsible for loss due to theft or any other circumstance.



Please refer to the "Acceptable Items for Consignment" drop down under Consignment Sale when deciding if something is acceptable for the sale. TMOMs reserves the right to pull any merchandise (seller will be notified) that we do not feel meets the sale guidelines, has been recalled, or is not in good condition.



Volunteer shifts will be posted on the online Consignment Sale System and you are able to sign up. We will allow spouses, friends, and family (children must be over the age of 15), etc. to work on your behalf. Please e-mail us if you would like to have two people working the same shift on your behalf and we will add that to the website. If you do not show up for your shift and do not send a replacement, an additional 5% will be deducted from your sales.


Drop-off items:

Drop off is by APPOINTMENT ONLY! Please sign-up for an available drop off time on the online Consignment Sale System, most time frames are in 1 hour increments but those during lunch are in half hour time frames. A printed Inventory List is required at Drop-off! All items must be tagged, and all clothing must be on hangers before coming to the drop-off. Clothing should be hanging so that the hanger faces left and look like a question mark (see example above under Tags). All clothing must be hung on racks in the designated section. All clothing racks will be marked by gender and in size increments (Preemie, Newborn, 3 mo, 6 mo, etc.). If an item is marked 6-12 mo, or 2/3T, always use the smaller number to size. All other items will need to be taken to their designated area (books, shoes, toys), but you do not need to unpack them. Please make sure all items are secured together if there are multiple pieces (use Ziploc bags, or tape to secure all parts). Any items requiring assembly must be done by you. Please make sure that large toys, play-yards, and such are assembled before leaving. We may not have workers to help you unpack your car, please allow enough time to drop off items and take to their designated areas. Drop off is at the side door. Due to recent events, you will need to show ID at the door and be prepared for random bag checks. If you bring your child(ren) to drop-off they need to stay with you at all times and are not to be picking up, playing with, or riding on any of the items on the sales floor.




All items will need to be picked up on Saturday, April 13th from 3:30m-4:45pm, if your items are not out by 4:45pm - THEY WILL BE DONATED. If you do not make arrangements for your items to be picked up, then your items will be donated. We will not allow early pick-ups; no one will be allowed to check out early or late. We are working very hard to make the pick-up process much smoother, and hope you see and appreciate our improvements! If you know that you do not want to pick up your items, then please designate on your tags/seller form that you wish to donate. This helps to speed up the sorting process. No exceptions to this rule, all unclaimed items will be donated.


Donated Items will go to the Tallahassee Military Family Readiness Program, the items are made available to military families free of charge through this program. Proceeds from the TMoMs' Consignment Sale support our projects like TMH NICU, the March of Dimes and our Outreach Programs.


We reserve the right to not ask consignors to return based on multiple pulled items (stained, broken, etc) or pricing that is inconsistent with our sale's mission.


Welcome to our 2019 semi-annual consignment sale for Tallahassee Moms of Multiples (TMoMs). A great selling experience for you means a great experience for TMoMs, so we wish you the best of luck!

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